Film Producer Celebrates Birthday In Style

It’s hard to deny that Alfred Agyapong, an American-based Ghanaian Executive Film Producer, is one of the most talented Movie producers of our time.

Mr. Agyapong who is the Co-Founder of PB Films in Denver Colorado, USA, is producing Ghanaian movies making them strong enough to compete on the international movie market.

This year, he invested more than $150,000 into the Ghana Film Industry.

Alfred Agyapong just celebrated his birthday and it seems like he was living up his celebrations, as he should.

On March 15, Alfred Agyapong released info about his birthday celebrations and wore some of the most fashionable outfits.

On Tuesday, Alfred Agyapong released pictures of himself beaming in fashion.

He received Birthday massages from fans and well-wishers.

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