The Comprehensive Guide to WAEC Result Upgrade Scams (Video)

This is the complete guide to existing WAEC result upgrade scams you should be aware of.

Scammers upgrade WAEC results and do they really get into WAEC’s secured systems? The answer is a big NO yet they do fake upgrades that will lead you into the waiting arms of the law.

WAEC result upgrade scam is one of the biggest threats to our education system in West Africa. Ghana, Nigeria and other countries that have their candidates writing the WASSCE, Nov/Dec and BECEare facedwith this challenge.

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Result upgrade scams keep flourishing in Ghana and Nigeria because students do not take their studies serious whiles nothing seems to be done by WAEC to arrest and persecute such elements. The end result is that students fail their exams and look for an easy way out.

Scammers who do WAEC result upgrades which WAEC has continued to warn the public about will not stop soon until the examining council takes steps to weed out such person in our countries and education sector.

Any time, someone manages to breach the systems of WAEC from its strong room or uses forgery to change a student’s result,the credibility ofWAECis loweredand the trust in the council is put under serious threat.

To unveil what the so-called masters of result upgrade do, we publish this write-up only for educational purposes and not to ask students or the public to in any way fake their results or edit them. The law will catch up with you if you dare try this.

It is a serious crime to engage in any form of WAEC result upgrade scam because WAEC has indicated it does not upgrade results and it does not offer such services.

So the big question is how do scammers upgrade WAEC results? What we are about to reveal is only for educational purposes. Do not try it.

Our investigations revealed that result upgrade scammers are smart and catch frustrated students, cash in on them and leave the scene.

#1 They usually ask for your Index number and all the relevant details and request that you to make a part payment.

If they charge you GHS500.00, youare requiredto pay close to GHS350.00 before they begin work.

#2 They buy a result checker and log into WAEC’s portal to check and print your results. They save the web page version of the result for their dubious activities.

#3 After downloading your result or saving it as a web page template, they try to open the web page off the lineon their desktop as a text file.

The Comprehensive Guide to WAEC Result Upgrading Scam (Video)

#4 The web page is opened if they right-click and choose to inspect. The choose to open it as a text file offline.

The Comprehensive Guide to WAEC Result Upgrading Scam (Video)

#5 This reveals all the original details of your result. Within 1 minute, they only change your grades to what you request, save it and open the web page again.

#6 The offline results saved in the web template form changes and your results is illegally changed into grades you know you never made.

The Comprehensive Guide to WAEC Result Upgrading Scam (Video)

#7 They send you a copy via email or WhatsApp in PDF form. Some scammers edit your result via Photoshop and save it as a PDF for you. Both methods are illegal and falsification of official documents is a crime.

Many students in private tertiary institutions are likelyto beusing such results if the institutions do not ask for result confirmation from WAEC. Public Universities always catch such students but there are some who are never caught.

Many of these results have also found their ways into private basic schools as these students use this to teach whiles seating for the NOV/DEC.

Headteachers in private schools should take the pain to ask their teachers to give them their Index number and credentials for accessing results online or requestfor confirmation from WAEC.

Other employers must also take a keen interest in authenticating the validity of the results theirWASSCE certificate holders present for jobs. Most of these are fake and need to be unraveled.

We must all be alert and report persons who keep changing results illegally.

WAEC must have a tough skin to persecute its own staff who assist students and result upgrade contractors to temper with original accurate results of students in their systems.

Security must be extra tight and WAEC’s system should be able to track those who enter or log into their systems and the kind of entries or changes they do.

We must win this battle and students must take their studies serious.

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