Volta Secession: Keep faith in Ghana – Ablakwa writes

Volta Secession: Keep faith in Ghana – Ablakwa writes

Volta Secession and the developing stories in Ghana must end soon. Hon Ablakwa writes asking all to Keep faith in Ghana. Read the full write up below.

Volta Secession: Keep faith in Ghana – Ablakwa writes
Volta Secession: Keep faith in Ghana – Ablakwa writes

Keep faith in Ghana: Volta Secession

At a time we should be denouncing artificial borders, many of which are imperialist relics from the Berlin scramble for Africa; unfortunately, some compatriots seek to further perpetuate disintegration and Balkanisation by waging a most needless and unwarranted secession agenda.

It is trite knowledge, which is not lost on the agitators that the historical Trans-Volta Togoland transcends the Volta Region and covers many other contemporary jurisdictions across multiple regions and countries. Reason it beats my imagination how this became a crusade for the Volta Region.

We must keep faith with the unitary Ghana project resolving to perfect the union by avoiding these distractions and focus on achieving our collective hopes and aspirations. This obviously should be anchored on stepping up efforts for the attainment of the vision of true Continental African Unity.

Ghana cannot be fortuitously hosting the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area, several decades after Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah mooted the idea, and yet be sending such embarrassing signals to the rest of the continent.

This comic relief is no longer funny; besides, it is totally unacceptable for a few secessionist elements without any mandate whatsoever to purport to be speaking for an entire region and declaring independence on our behalf. Enough!

I concede there are many issues we should come together and fight for in our region, and even more importantly in our country Ghana, however, separatist desires cannot be one of them.

Finally, let us be mindful of the greatest threat every human civilization has always faced: the unseen forces who exploit cracks to the detriment of an otherwise formidable people.

May God bless and preserve our beautiful union.

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