University trained teachers postings: Graduates call for Quota system of posting

University trained teachers postings have always cropped up when GES posts teachers trained in Colleges of Education. This time round graduate teachers are calling for a quota system of posting that will be fair to all. From all indications, University trained teachers were not posted in the last postings released by the GES.

University graduates who studied education-related programs wonder why the government has over the years not given them preferential treatment when it comes to posting of trained teachers in the country. Since the 2019 postings were released, the debate has become intense on social media platforms.

However, many teachers believe the practice where teachers trained to form the Colleges of Education are posted without considering university graduates needs to bechanged. Many believe a quota system for both groups of trained teachers in each year’s posting will be the best way to go.

University trained teachers postings
Gbewaa University College

If it were to bein other countries, they will change the old system of posting. What will happen toGESif they post at least 40% of University graduates every year and give 60% posting toCEOs? We are not growing in this country because we refused to change our old systems of doing things. Don’t forget theseCEOs are unable to admit all the people who apply every year so the Universities are helping them. This was the view of one of the teachers during the debate.

But others think the old systemshould becontinued. “Let’s not behave as if we didn’t know. Before we thought of buying university forms, we were all aware that teachers from colleges of education always get posted right after school. This is not the first time. These guys should have even been posted earlier if notthe introduction ofthe national service thing by this government.” one teacher said during a heated debate on the matter.

The reality is that students who decided to go through the Universities to receive education-related training before they applied for admission into the university, we were all aware that a university degree in education does not guarantee an appointment into GES but that obtained from any of the approved Colleges of education is preferred.

TheGESonly appoints University trained teachers if their servicesare needed. If students know all these and still decided to choose university over college, then they need not complain much for not being posted. This was the comment ofanother contributed to the controversies after the trained teachers from colleges of educationwere posteda few days ago.

Some of the disgruntled teachers have started threatening government but, others think that those threatening the government should bear in mind that whether they vote for party A or party B or decide not to vote in 2020, the system will still remain the same. It looks at though current policies do not favor University trained teachers postings unless something is done about it in the near future.

Affected graduates will have to keep looking for jobs in other sectors or in private schools. Some teachers with theses qualifications are paid very low salaries by private schools and in most instances, teachers opt for such offers since they do not want to be idle but to help in educating the young generation. The government needs to act and take bold steps toward considering the quota system in the near future.

2 thoughts on “University trained teachers postings: Graduates call for Quota system of posting

  1. Those who are saying the GES should not consider the universities of education graduates by giving them the same mandatory posting that they give to the College education trainees ,are very selfish and heartless. Don’t the universities of education students pay fees to the government? Don’t they write the mandatory NTC licence exams pay the registration fee and what not? Let’s not be discriminative.fear God and that you will one day die and not to buried with your position

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