Sex for Grades: Student Impregnates Female Lecturer in Nigeria

Sex for Grades: Student Impregnates Female Lecturer in Nigeria

Student impregnates female lecturer is the latest trending news that is breaking the internet less than two months after the BBC got lecturers from the University of Ghana and University of Lagos pants down in the Sex for Grades videos.

Information reaching newsghana24 indicates that a bachelor of computer science, a student in Nigeria has impregnated his female lecturer. The student whose name was given as Kevin has been expelled by the Federal University of Lafia (Fulafia). This time, it is not a male lecturer but a female lecture when the ‘Sex for grades’: ‘Let me be your side guy’ – UG lecturer begs student has not died yet.

However, the student who has since been expelled argued before the disciplinary board of the University that his lecturer was the first to make advances into the love affair. According to him, the female lecturer was desperate and pleaded with him to engage in a sexual affair with her and even possibly impregnating her.

His crime is that he had an affair with his female lecturer and successfully impregnated her. The school’s disciplinary board and the entire University is in shock as a result of the incident.

According to the school’s disciplinary board, the news is very disheartening. The penalty handed the student seems cruel and many are asking what kind of punishment was meted out to the female Lecturer.

According to news gathered on this developing story, the action of the student is seen by the university as bad publicity and as it has placed the school in the limelight for immorality and promiscuous behavior.

According to our source, the disciplinary board believes this has not only watered down the dignity of the university, but also the integrity of the lecturers therein.

Members of the public have criticized the University and the lecturers for lacking self-respect and not making sure their conduct is regulated by their codes and ethics of their profession.

NewsGhana24 will keep you updated by the minute on this Student impregnates female lecturer to its conclusion.

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  1. It take two to tangles. What happened to the lecturer ? Two of them are mature and is not raped. So i advise the school authorities call the student back

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