Advise for Managing Online Storage

As the demand for storage space grows, companies are increasingly making use of virtual safe-keeping solutions to fulfill their needs. These types of solutions use a technology generally known as virtualization to abstract and pool equipment resources to develop scalable safe-keeping architectures that are definitely more flexible and easier to take care of than traditional…

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Ahead of 2024 polls: Religion, ethnicity pose threat - NCCE

Ahead of 2024 polls: Religion, ethnicity pose threat – NCCE

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has triggered a series of measures to tackle concerns about religion and ethnicity that can threaten the nation’s democracy. The measures include engaging political parties directly on their conduct and outbursts, working with opinion leaders and traditional rulers to reach political actors in communities and localities, as well…

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List of Ghana's top 10 food imports and exports

List of Ghana’s top 10 food imports and exports

The Ghana 2023 mid-year Trade Report by the Ghana Statistical Service looks at the countries’ food product trade and shows key trends, dominant categories, and important trading partners. Among the diverse range of commodities, food products emerge as a pivotal component of Ghana’s trade dynamics, accounting for approximately one-fourth (23.9%) of the total exports during…

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