Lets Unite and Depoliticize Galamsey Fight- N’Akoa Nazareth

Depoliticize Galamsey Fight

The fight against Galamsey has been intensified by the leadership of the country however, we need to unite and depoliticize the Gamlamsy fight if we are to succeed.

The founder and leader of Israel King of Jews Church, N’Akoa Nazareth Ansah Jamson has called on Ghanaians to come together to fight the illegal mining menace that had left devastating effects on the environment.

The theme for this year’s Passover celebration was “Deliverance and Total Liberation of Israelites” at Dome-Kwabenya on Friday.

According to him, the activities of some small-scale miners had caused severe pollution to the country’s freshwater bodies and destroyed arable lands.

He said the previous generations left the environment much cleaner and better and urged the current generation to leave a more secure and better environment for the future.

N’Akoa Nazareth, therefore, called on the Government to create more Jobs for communities where small-scale mining activities are commonly practiced stressing that President Nana Addo is doing his best for the flight.

If we are to win this battle, we need to depoliticize Galamsey’s fight and forge a united front with a common purpose.

He furthered that leadership of churches, Chiefs and Parliamentarians are to lead the crusade against galamsey fight and to see as a divine call to duty stressing that they ought to publicly declare their support for the initiative and use the platforms to educate the public on the dangers of galamsey.

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Prayers were said for the economic stability and peace of the nation.

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