Apple’s iPhone 11: Features, IRRESISTIBLE Added Value

Call it coincidence, Apple will launch it’s new iPhone 11 in the 11th month. November will mark the official unveiling in India on 20th. This phone will succeed Apple’s iPhone XR.

It will bring to users additional features that are irresistible to phone lovers and Apple brand users.iPhone11 is not just a phone but Apple’s next-generation Neural Engine phone.

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Some features of the new iPhone 11

Apple has described, the new iPhone 11 “Just the right amount of everything.” for the many reasons.

1.The new phone has dual camera setup as well as a Bionic chipset. The Bionic chipset has two high performing core. This makes it fastest chip in a smartphone under the sun.

2. The phone is 25% faster than the old Apple A10.

3. Its high-efficiency core makes it 70% faster and very efficient in terms of energy.

4. It also offers an hour more of battery life compared to the offers one hour more XR.

5. Itis builtto deliver an incredibly wow performance to customers. Itis expectedto have millions of early buyers when released.

The iPhone 11 also has the highest‑quality video ever to be found in a smartphone.

Appleis excitedabout thefeaturesof the phone andbelievesconsumers will love it as it does not only deliver users with real-time machine learning functions that transform the user’sexperience.

Usersare expectedto enjoy some amazing features with the viewing ofphotos, gaming, and augmented reality just a few to mention.

iPhone 11 Colours

iPhone 11 comes in six unique colours that meet everyone’s expectation and preference. These colours are White, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple (PRODUCT)RED™

What is capacity and Price of iPhone 11?

It has different capacities to choose from

64GB price starts from $29.12/mo. per month or $699

128GB also starts from $31.20/mo. per month or $749

while the 256GB capacity is going for $35.37/mo. per month or $849*

According to Apple, customers can start placing orders from the 13th of September 2019 but the phones will be available from 13th September 20th.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond

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