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News Reporter Job Description

As an online News Reporters, you will be responsible for collecting and analyzing information of interest to readers on crime, government, and breaking news, social issues, sports education, etc.

Write out a perfect news item to be published on the web for readers and visitors on the Internet.

You will also gather information, write coverage, conduct interviews at events and functions

Job Requirements:

Must be a student journalist ready to learn and sharpen your skills or a seasoned journalist seeking to help build a website into an authority on key areas such as sports, politics, education, etc.

Must have a minimum of WASSCE

Be willing to work from home

Salary: Not fixed, based on volume for persons who read your story online. Pay is based on views, reads and comments your story attracts. Exceptional content also gets special bonuses.


Send CV to plus links to your previous publications online if any.


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Job Information

Status: Open No of vacancies: 20 Job type: Freelance Job level: All

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